'Dodger' - Howsons Thurning for GunnBerree
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Gunnberree Labrador Gunnberree Labrador Gunnberree Labrador
Gunnberree Labrador   Gunnberree Labrador

Dodger is a loving and affectionate dog, he is focussed and determined but he does have his father's (Bauer) calm side. He is very eager to please, he learns fast and always has an eye on me.

He is a strong, tall, athletic, dog with an excellent temperament who is friends with everyone who meets him.

He has an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm but is not 'loopy' he has focus and sees his tasks through to the end.

Health Tests:

Hip Score - 3:6 Total = 9

Elbows score - 0:0

DNA Tests:
CLEAR - pcd -Progressive Retinal Atrophy
CLEAR - CNM (Centronueclear Myopathy)
CLEAR - EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse)
CLEAR - DM (Degenerative Myopathy)
CLEAR - Narcolepsy

BVA Eye test 2012 - Clear 

Date of Birth: 9th September 2011

Visiting Bitches Requirements 
KC Registered (proof of pedigree required prior to visit)
Eye Test Clear
Hip Scored
Current Inoculations and worming
We must see the bitch prior to mating to assess her temperament